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Environmental Services

We offer to our clients the following environmental fields of service:

Environmental Issues Associated With Residential Development Environmental Issues Associated With Residential Development
  • Land use evaluation
  • Historic analysis and assessment
  • Health risk analysis
  • Assist with property conceptual design
  • Remediation design and implementation
  • The Healthy Roots Project
Industrial Property Re-use Industrial Property Re-use
  • Identify and assist various stake holders
  • Conceptual design planning for property future use
  • Assessment of the magnitude and extent of environmental impacts
  • Implement health risk based closure
  • Remediation oversight
  • Building decommissioning/demolition design
Project Management Project Management
  • Program design
  • Project oversight
  • Budget analysis
  • Schedule tracking
  • Agency negotiations
  • General services and contractor procurement
Data Validation Data Validation
  • Laboratory interaction
  • Data analysis for use in health risk based closure
Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry
  • Program design
  • Laboratory interaction and procurement
  • Methodology selection for site specific conditions and data needs
Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Conceptual model design
  • Site use evaluations
  • Receptor and pathway analysis
  • Data evaluation and comparative screening
  • Development of exposure matrix models
  • Dose-response modeling
  • Toxicological review and assessment
  • Quantitative risk evaluations
  • Development of risk based goals
Statistical Evaluation / Data Management Statistical Evaluation / Data Management
  • Develop programmatic database formats
  • Develop presentational formats for data evaluation and comparison
  • Perform statistical analysis utilizing market available programs and/or in-house statistical data analysis
  • Complete trend analysis capabilities
Probabilistic Cost Modeling Probabilistic Cost Modeling
  • Data analysis of limited site information
  • Develop site specific cost models
  • Estimate the range of remediation costs
Indoor Air Quality Assessment Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Indoor air sampling strategic design
  • Exposure and health assessments
  • Mitigation design
Environmental Fate and Transport Modeling Environmental Fate and Transport Modeling
  • Industrial air emission modeling
  • Particulate and vapor phase assessments
  • Groundwater fate and transport assessments
  • Groundwater/surface water interface analysis
Community Based Environmental Initiatives Community Based Environmental Initiatives
  • Urban agriculture
  • Environmental health education programs
  • Environmental health and green design strategies
Other Other
  • Third-party technical review and evaluations
  • ASTM Assessment of Vapor Intrusion into Structures
  • Clean Fill Determinations

TMG has recently begun employing these environmental disciplines in the non-Brownfield (or what we call “Green Development”) arena. Many of the environmental issues for non-Brownfield developments have been under the radar of the regulatory agencies. However, with increased property development of non-Brownfield lands (e.g. historic farmlands); various types of liability issues are coming to the forefront. With our extensive environmental consulting history, we are appropriately qualified to assist the needs of our clients with these new challenges.

We bring together the many disciplines to truly perform “Green Development” by forming a team consisting of individuals trained in green building design, landscape architects, and environmental professionals.


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