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The Mahfood Group Property Redevelopment Risk Assessment

Property Redevelopment Risk Assessment

A quantitative risk assessment was completed for a multi-phase property redevelopment. Historic events at the site caused the soil and groundwater on-site to be impacted by chlorinated compounds, including trichloroethene (TCE) which is carcinogenic by a mutagenic mode of action.

The quantitative evaluation of TCE must be addressed in a specific manner. Two different approaches are utilized to assess TCE risk, including, both carcinogenic (i.e. kidney [mutagenic] and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and liver [non-mutagenic]) and noncarcinogenic effects. Based on the large acreage of the entire site and based on the planned future use of the property, the site was conceptually divided into 3 phases and a separate risk assessment for each phase was completed. The effectiveness of risk assessment as a redevelopment tool was exemplified for this site by assisting in outlining the most appropriate and cost effective way to utilize the property based on the results of the TCE (and other chlorinated compounds) analysis.

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