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The Mahfood Group Risk Assessment for Active UST Site

Risk Assessment for Active UST Site

A risk assessment for an active UST site (gas station) was completed in northcentral Pennsylvania. There was a release upgradient of the site and a release on-site. It was believed that impacts from the upgradient release may have migrated on to the northern portion of the property. The on-site release occurred in the center of the property and migrated downgradient towards the south.

Therefore, the risk assessment for the site had to be separated into two parts: one part upgradient of the site’s release and one part downgradient of the site’s release. The upgradient portion of the site was evaluated using background standards to represent that the potential issues were not from the site, but from the upgradient release. The downgradient portion of the site was evaluated using the combination of State-wide Health and Site-specific Standards to derive an appropriate conceptual site model and risk evaluation. The complexity of this site required a thorough understanding of the regulations regarding off-site impacts and how they may affect on-site impacts used to perform the quantitative risk assessment.

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