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The Mahfood Group Third Party Review of West Virginia Baseline Risk Assessments Project Summaries

Third Party Review of West Virginia Baseline Risk Assessments

Numerous third party reviews of baseline human health and ecological risk assessments have been conducted for the state of West Virginia (WV) under the Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Program (VRRP).

A significant understanding of the rules and regulations for West Virginia support the complex review of the risk assessments. Responsibilities for review incorporate all aspects of the risk assessment process including selection of analytical datasets, screening of analytical data against current De Minimis standards, selection of constituents of concern, evaluation of potential receptors and exposure pathways, and quantitative calculations of risks and hazard indices. Comments are prepared and submitted to the WVDEP for review and then the comments are forwarded onto the respective consultant to be addressed. The comments/deficiencies range from technical issues (e.g. incorrect conceptual site model development, inappropriate data bases used for the derivation of exposure point concentrations, etc.) to non-technical comments (e.g. correcting the units of soil/groundwater concentrations entered into ProUCL to derive UCLs).

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