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The Mahfood Group WVDEP Risk Assessment Project Summary

WVDEP Risk Assessment

A risk assessment was completed under West Virginia DEPís Voluntary Remediation Program for a former underground storage tank (UST) site that was converted into a residential property.

During the early stages of the risk assessment, potential data gaps were identified adjacent to the residence. The initial data made it appear as if there could be a potential vapor intrusion problem from groundwater into the residence. An additional monitoring well was installed adjacent to the residence. Once the additional monitoring well was installed, a better understanding of the siteís groundwater flow direction was ascertained. Prior to the installation of the monitoring well, potentiometric maps indicated groundwater was flowing towards the residence. Post monitoring well installation potentiometric maps indicated that groundwater had a radial flow towards the center of the site (away from the residence). Therefore, making the vapor intrusion from groundwater into indoor air pathway incomplete and not of concern. The placement of the monitoring well increased the accuracy of the risk assessment, and reinforced the importance of a complete conceptual model and characterization of the site.

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